The Jaeger Lecture


Prof. Jaeger (Netherlands)

What is the Jaeger Lecture?

The Jaeger Lecture is the prestigious opening address at an IIW International Congress which elaborates on the theme of that Congress and references the achievements, challenges and potentials for the welding industry as a whole in the region where the Congress is held.

IIW International Congresses are hosted by IIW Member Countries around the world and aim to not only promote the benefits and resources of IIW to that region, but to also facilitate communication and cooperation between people and organisations with the goal of developing welding capabilities in the host country and the region for the improvement of quality of life.


Who is selected to present it?

The Jaeger Lecture is presented by an eminent and experienced person from local industry, academia or government in the host country or Congress region. The lecturer is nominated by the Congress organisers and then approved by the IIW Technical Management Board and endorsed by the IIW Board of Directors, and is presented with a plaque and certificate commemorating their participation.

A significant part of the lecturers career will usually have been spent working in the subject area to be covered by the lecture, and may also have been marked by several relevant publications and perhaps honours.

The topic of the lecture encompasses the presenter’s considerable first-hand knowledge of the status quo of industry in the host country and region, as well as its challenges and future directions. The Jaeger Lecture provides a forum for the stimulation of future development of the welding industry there, and usually includes a call-to-action to the individuals and organisations attending the Congress.


Who is it named after?

The lecture was named in tribute to the late Professor Hans E. Jaeger.

Prof. Jaeger, a naval architect working with the shipbuilding industries in Belgium and The Netherlands, was one of the Founder Vice-Presidents of the IIW and subsequently occupied the positions of IIW President (1951-1954) and IIW Treasurer. He remained a Member of the Executive Council with the title of Founder Vice-President up until his death in 1984.

During his presidency of the IIW, the Union of International Technical Associations was set up under the auspices of UNESCO and with the participation of various international bodies, which, like the IIW, became its founder members. This initiative was strongly supported by Hans Jaeger who, like the other founders of the IIW, was a fervent believer in international cooperation.

His vision and enthusiasm is aptly reflected in the principles of IIW Jaeger Lecture. 

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