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Metz - The Green City in the Heart of Europe


Metz is one of the oldest European Cities. In ancient times it was inhabitated by the Celtic tribe of the Midiomatrici, and so known as the City of the Midiomatrici.In Roman times it was even bigger than Paris. During the 5th century AD people started to call is Mettis, which changed later to Metz.

Since 3000 years this place is populated. Between the 6th and 8th centuries, the city was the capital if the famous and still legendary Merovingian Kings of Austrasia. Some accuse them even of magical powers. 843 it became the residence of the Kings of Lotharingia of the Holy Roman Empire and was later a semi-free Republik until the 15th century. Since the Treaty of Chambord of 1552, Metz is part of France and became a strategic fortified town.

With the creation of the European Community and the later European Union, the City now lies right in the heart of the SaarLorLux Euroregion and is a Symbol of European Friendship. Today it is also called the Green City, located on the banks of the Moselle and the Seille rivers from the Schengen tripoint.


Metz offers a variety of experiences and the Office de Tourisme Metz will help you in all your needs.

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