Abstract guidelines & templates

Guidelines & templates for short abstract, poster and full paper submission


The process to submit a paper for ICWAM 2019 is a two-step process:


You need to create an account to access the submission portal. Please note that the ones from ICWAM'2017 are non longer active.

First click on the button SUBMIT ABSTRACT on ICWAM website homepage.
You will be asked to choose a username and provide a valid email address, your name, first name, institution/organization/company name, and job function (PhD student, professor, director, engineer, etc.).


A message from secretariat@icwam.com will follow to notify we have received your request.
After your account is approved (the validation process should take no more than two days), access rights will be officially provided to you from secretariat@icwam.com with a welcoming message.
Please make sure secretariat@icwam.com is not considered as a spam on your mailbox to get all of our messages.

In the welcoming message, you will be provided with a step-by-step guideline to help you go through the process to submit your work on the submission portal.


To log in your account on the ICWAM'2019 paper submission portal, just click on the LOGIN button on the top right of ICWAM website.

You can now upload your work once logged on the submission portal.

Please note that you will have to choose if you prefer to be considered for a poster or an oral presentation.

If any problem occurs in the process, please send an email to secretariat@icwam.com, the ICWAM’2019 team will gladly provide you with the required support as soon as possible.

Once submitted, ICWAM’2019 scientific committee will review your abstract and you will be later notified of their decision according to ICWAM’2019 paper submission schedule, by email, from secretariat@icwam.com.



> Template for short abstract
> Template for full paper
> Template for poster

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